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The fastest IKEA Malta delivery service with 6 years experience. We are the only provider to offer the original IKEA warranty on your purchases. And we have a simple and affordable flat rate of only 25%. 

Fastest IKEA Delivery Service In Malta

Receive your items in 2.5 to 3.5 weeks thanks to our special relationship with IKEA and our own warehouse in the Netherlands

Full Warranty On IKEA Purchases

Your purchases from IKEA through us are covered by IKEA’s standard warranties unlike many other IKEA shopping services in Malta.

Affordable Assembly Service

We take the hassle out of buying IKEA furniture, but we can even take the hassle out of assembling it with our done-for-you assembly service.

Flat Rate Of 25% On Purchases

Get the best prices as we order directly in the Netherlands and only pay a flat rate of 25% for our management and importing of your products.

Ready To Shop For IKEA Products?

You simply need to shop on the IKEA website and send us the article numbers on our enquiry form. Click the button below for step-by-step instructions and to see our enquiry form.

Terms & Conditions

Applying from January 1, 2014

Prices and costs

For all orders the prices in Holland at the day of shipment apply and on top of the sum of your purchases we charge a percentage for shipping cost, insurance and administration, which is:

25% for all orders, no matter the total sum of the purchases.

This is till arrival in our warehouse and from there we can have some other costs as well:

When the sum of the purchases is over € 500.- home delivery is included, but not the cost for a lifter or wardens. We do arrange that if needed, but we have to charge extra, depending on the local situation.

When purchases are under € 500.- a delivery fee of € 15.- applies, unless you collect your order from our warehouse.

We have a great installation service and will be happy to provide you a fixed price for that, depending of course on the numbers of items we have to assemble.


Delivery and collection terms

In our order forms we always indicate the date of shipment and the date of delivery/collection. We try to stick to those dates the best we can, but can’t take any responsibility if shipments are delayed or delivery will be scheduled for another day. A number of companies are part of the supply chain, depending on their own staff, weather conditions, ferry services etc. At the end it can of course also happen that you are not able to receive your consignment at the scheduled date. In that case we will keep your order on hold, but reserve the right to charge for storage and/or extra transport costs.

Purchasing process and terms

  • All goods, appearing on the website of IKEA, can be ordered, smaller items included. Go to www.ikea.com and choose the language you prefer. You can easily create a log in name and password, that allows you to produce shopping lists. These lists can be sent to us directly or you can store it as a PDF and send it later to us. If you sent us your own list please note that we always need to know the article number, quantity and name of the product. We will process your order to Ikea as soon as we have received (a proof of) payment for the sum of the purchases at least. Cost of shipment et cetera can be paid upon delivery. Collection of your purchases is effected by IKEA staff only and they also take care of packaging and transport to our warehouse, from where it is transported to Malta.
  • Dutch prices are ruling. Prices can vary on national websites, due to different currencies and policies. As Ikea can always amend prices during the process we have to inform you that we are always entitled to charge the prices valid at the day of shipment. As we receive the invoices after the shipment we are not able nor obliged to inform our clients that prices are going to change or have been changed in the meantime.
  • When a product is not available upon the time of collection the collection of goods in Delft, we will cancel these items, inform the client and re-order only when the client requests us to do so. This unless missing articles are making an essential part of a bigger article, in which case we will automatically re-order. This will be regarded as a new order with the terms & conditions pending for that one. (It is therefore possible that in the main order you are entitled to free delivery in Malta and in the re-order not).
  • Any damage or deficiency has to be reported to us, together with a picture of the damage. Only when IKEA has approved the concerning product or part will be replaced and delivered as originally agreed. Damaged goods will be returned to us then in the original package(s).
  • We provide a weekly transport, but orders have to be passed to us at least ten days before the shipment date. Shipments always leave our warehouse in Holland on Thursday and arrive in Malta six days later.
  • When your purchases have arrived in Malta, we will contact you about collection or delivery of the items.
  • For the order processing we use a form, indicating your purchases, the amount of the purchases and separately the costs of transport and insurance, including VAT where applying. We will kindly request you to transfer the sum of the purchases in our bank account in advance, while all other costs can be paid upon delivery.
  • As we always intend to provide a full service, all your purchases are fully insured during transport. Full IKEA warranty applies and we will assist you once you need to call for it. As you cannot exchange your purchases yourself, we provide that service as well. When the exchange is due to a mistake on behalf of IKEA or ourselves the exchange will be carried out free of charge. If on second thought you want to return or exchange a product that you purchased that was correctly delivered, we will charge you for the cost that it brings us. This charge is 20% of the value of the goods, while shipping cost will not be refunded.

In all cases where these terms & conditions are not conclusive to a complaint or dispute the general conditions of IKEA will apply.

IKEA Malta delivery service - IKEA Pax wardrobe
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